The centre of collective usage

"Complex for measurement of magnetic parameters of technical objects"

The centre of collective usage (CCU) "Complex for measurement of magnetic parameters of technical objects" is created at SI ITPM of NASU in 2008 within the framework of the Program of the centralized acquisition of scientific instruments and installation form the budget costs of NAS of Ukraine with the purpose of the most rational usage of the unique scientific means.

The basis of CCU is the Magneto-dynamic complex of the SI ITPM of NASU, which is located in the east part of Kharkov, occupies territory of 5,3 hectares and includes the magnetomeasuring stand by the total area of 450 sq. m, machine hall with power equipment, laboratorial and subsidiary facilities. The magneto-measuring stand of the Complex is constructed under the special project using the building, engineering and technological constructions made from only non-magnetic materials, which allows to reduce the level of magnetic interferences up to a thousandth part of a percent of the Earths magnetic field; the Stand is located in a spatial zone of "magnetic silence" - technological ground area, free from sources of magnetic interferences.

Now the Magneto-dynamic complex is equipped with magnetomeasuring apparatus for measurement of magneto-static fields in the diapason 1•10-9 ÷ 1,5 and AC low-frequency magnetic fields in the diapason 1•10 -9 ÷ 1•10 -4 .

The head of the Centre:

  Deputy director for science and technology Petrov Sergey Vasyl'evych
Tel. (0572) 99-21-62;


the following equipment was purchased and entered into operation for budget costs of NAS of Ukraine in 2006-2007:

Magnetometer MAGNETOMAT 1.782

The device allows to carry out measurements of spatial structure of magnetostatic fields, and also to determine values of the dipole magnetic moment.

Main technical data

  • measurement range of magnetostatic field: 0,1 n 1000 ;
  • measurement range of dipole magnetic moment: 0,05 2 200 2;
  • sensors of magnetic field, computer and power supply of the device
  • the amount of sensors - 6;
  • continuous measurement and recording of current magnetic field values;
  • reading of the measured values directly on the monitor;
  • indication of the measured values on the monitor in graphic and tabular forms;
  • saving the measured values in different formats;
  • highest possible distance from sensors to a computer is 25 m;
  • operation from external AC power supply.

Facilities of the device allow to carry out works in the following directions:

  • investigation of spatial structure of magnetostatic fields;
  • measurement of dipole magnetic moment;
  • determination of spatial harmonics of the magnetic moment;
  • investigations of magneto-static field created by technical objects.

Magnetometer MAGNETOSCOP 1.069

The device allows carrying out measurements of:

  • magnetostatic field;
  • differences of magnetostatic field in two points of space;
  • gradient of magnetic field;
  • effective values of the low-frequency AC magnetic field;
  • magnetic permeability of submagnetic materials.

Main technical facilities:

  • measurement range of magneto-static and AC fields: 1 1000 ;
  • measurement range of differences of magneto-static fields: 1 100 ;
  • measurement range of gradient of the magnetic field: 1 200 ;
  • frequency band of AC magnetic field: 0÷180 Hz;
  • measurement range of relative magnetic permeability of materials:1.0001÷2.000;
  • digital indication;
  • highest possible distance from a sensor to the block of indication is 13 m;
  • operation from battery or external AC power supply.

Facilities of the device allow carrying out works in the following directions:

  • measurement of the value and direction of the Earth's magnetic field;
  • measurement of the value and direction of magnetic field created by different objects;
  • quality control of submagnetic materials;
  • definition of demagnetized state of materials;
  • measurement of different magnetic coils constants;
  • definition of magnetic shields efficiency;
  • detection of ferromagnetic inclusions (defects) in submagnetic materials.

The order of services provide by the CCU

Scientific organizations and establishments of NAS of Ukraine, which need carrying out investigations with the help of scientific equipment of CCU of NAS of Ukraine (further Customer), should submit an application in the written form about on the amount of hours, periods and types of investigations, which require usage of the scientific devices and equipment of CCU at the Bureau of NAS of Ukraine (according to the paragraph 3.2. of Regulations about Centres of collective usge of scientific devices/ equipment on scientific (scientific and technical) administration of NAS of Ukraine) two times in a year till January 15 and June 15.

The director of SI ITPM of NASU by the order, approved by the Bureau of NAS of Ukraine, ratifies the schedule of services provided to institutions of NAS of Ukraine.

The order of submission of applications and carrying of works

The organizations of NAS of Ukraine (Customer) should submit an application addressed to the director of the Centre (Executor) signed by the Customers organization director and sealed.

The Customer and Executor signed a contract about carrying out works on the scientific equipment.

Carrying out of the orders for organizations of NAS of Ukraine are performed in accordance with the schedule coordinated by the Bureau of NAS of Ukraine.

Providing (refunding) for spending materials and energy supply (electric power, heating of stand location) are ensured by the Customers in accordance with calculation of expenditures. The paid services of usage of the devices of CCU for necessities of other Customers are given in accordance with to the current legislation of Ukraine.